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Posted on Friday, May 14, 2010 in how to seduce out of your league

Ould you like to know how to attract anyone you want? You have to learn how to flirt. A lot of people would never admit to flirting. They think it is either beneath them, or a desperate attempt to get someone’s attention.

Flirting has such a negative connotation; we search for new words to describe an old custom that is necessary in the world of dating. What is flirting? Letting people know you are interested in you. The first thing you should do is to make good eye contact. This allows them to see your approachability so that she will have no problem meeting you and talking to you. It shows that you are a friendly and adam armstrong pua welcoming person that she might want to get to know better.

The second thing, and one of the things that you have done wrong with an open mind and not just the things she may have said you can take action to work out what you need to change in your own life for your own good and for your relationship ended in the first place will help you to exude confidence. You put all these aspects together and in no time at all you will have the woman of your dreams. Firstly to find out if a girl likes you will need to start to understand what signals she is giving and in general have and understanding of what they mean. Firstly if in a social environment or a working adam armstrong pua environment if she is in conversation with others but is looking over at you this is your first signal that she maybe into you. This basically tells you that you are her focus of – robert greene the 50th law torrent – attention. We all do this when we are attracted to someone. Secondly if you engage her and while in your adam armstrong pua company she attempts to touch you either on the shoulder or hand or really anywhere for that matter it shows a physical affection towards you. To put it simply she is demonstrating that she is comfortable with you.

Thirdly another signal would be when adam armstrong pua she is with you that she starts to fix her hair or make adjustments to her dress and so on.

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