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Posted on Tuesday, May 18, 2010 in pick up artist game

But when you come back, some guy is chatting her up. Get used to it, that’s the law of the jungle. Always be gracious in these situations. Don’t be jealous or lose your cool. Remember she’s with you and it will likely stay that way as long as you can continue to be a man adam lyons personal study course and separate yourself from the likes of men who do needy, tasteless stuff like, oh.

Hit on other dude’s women as soon as they excuse themselves to the restroom. But heads up-it’s not just the guys who are interested because. EVEN OTHER WOMEN FLIRT WITH HER This is the wildest thing to witness I can think of, and by far the most adam lyons personal study course stunning dynamic of the five I listed. You can be in a bar, a club, a restaurant or even an airport for that matter. Other women will behave in a decidedly flirtatious manner towards the woman you are with. The first few times this happens, you’ll be in a state of suspended disbelief. Typically, she’s getting flirted with by women more than YOU get flirted with by women. The – roissy dc outed – crazy part about that last part is that women are likely flirting with you TEN TIMES as much as usual simply because you are with her.

And this bullet point is STILL true. You’ll actually get hit on by ‘lifestyle’ couples quite a bit also-especially if the two of you are affectionate. The woman in such a couple will almost invariably initiate those situations, I’ve learned.

You may experience a scenario like unto one of the examples above, or all six. Moreover, stuff like this could happen once or twice on occasion or practically constantly. Even if one such adam lyons personal study course event occurs, you probably have all the evidence you need that you are in fact an average guy with a ‘super hottie’.

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