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Posted on Wednesday, March 24, 2010 in double your dating approaching women

I remember crying my eyes out in ’13 Going on 30′ because I wanted that type of love. I knew it existed guy gets girl pregnant but I never believed it could happen for me. Ironically during my lack of love life at that time, I was helping many people connect and fall in love.

I guy gets girl pregnant was happy on the surface and encouraged my clients to open their heart when I did Soul Mate guy gets girl pregnant readings and workshops yet I felt hopeless inside. I read women’s dating books like ‘The Rules,’ that gave me temporary strength. Yes, I’ll teach those men that I’m in control and I’m powerful and I don’t need any man. The problem was, my soul was upset with me. My soul told me ‘Joanna, this is not the way to find true love.

The key to attracting your Soul Mate is you have to be true to yourself. Stay focused on your goals. Give attention to and nurture your creativity.

When you stop the flow and go outside of your own energy because ‘He’ is calling you, the alignment of your soul gets knocked off track. The secret is to commit to your life purpose and then you shall attract your Soul Mate to you like a Magnet’. I took my spirit guide’s advice and stopped answering my cell phone if I was in the middle of work. If I was feeling vulnerable, I’d turn off my phone and stay away from email until I’d completed all my tasks for the day.

I started to feel great that I was taking care of myself. My self esteem began to increase and soon after that I attracted my husband into my life. Nice guy aren’t successful with women. Those are some of the most powerful techniques that you can implement to improve your relationships, whether it’s for fun or for real. Of all the powerful actions of the human body, nothing is more poignant than direct eye contact.

Direct eye contact normally occurs during conversation in spates of about two seconds unbroken. The speaker in any conversation normally makes less eye contact than the listener and these roles are naturally reversed as the guy gets girl pregnant conversation progresses. Direct eye contact can also be used as a great way of flirting, particularly across a room or bar.

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