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Posted on Wednesday, March 24, 2010 in how to seduce out of your league

Whether you are interested in getting to know better. If I’m going to play amateur psychic I’ll say that – guy gets girl pdf – while they make work ONCE in a while – for the most part you find yourself striking out and going home alone. Let me fill you in on a little secret. We are NOT as dumb as you think! We’ve seen the same movies, read the same books and heard all of the same lines as you have! So we know them all, the only difference is in the delivery and the messenger.

If you’ve got it going on, even if it’s a cheesy pick up line, it’s bound to get a little bit of interest. So many guys just fail SO miserably when trying to look cool and shoot off a rehearsed, regurgitated line from ‘Swingers’ that even if you ARE really cute, we are going to look silly if we go for it. Herein lays life’s great dilemma. Just keep ALL of your best lines light and funny. The days of the serious ‘come here often’ sort of approach just doesn’t’ work anymore with women today (or at least me and my friends). Funny works like nothing else. If you can laugh at yourself while coming up to us. Well, that’s REALLY appealing as well. One of my best friends met her husband about two years ago when he approached her at a trade show and said – ‘what do I have to pretend to be interested in buying to get your phone number’. Cheesy? Absolutely! Funny? In a geeky way, I guess it was because after all, she not only laughed and gave him her digits, she MARRIED him 8 months later! Good luck!Humans have a strong urge to make order out of chaos using rules, ways, techniques, tricks etc and the picking up girls dubai same pattern applies to picking women up. If done in the right format with perfect timing you can pick up any woman you lay your eyes on. At the same time if you do not follow the proper rules it can become one of your worst nightmares and probably one of the most social nights all year round.

Don’t underestimate the power of approaching on NYE and you’ll find that at least 95% of women will stop. Some will find it even TOO EASY to walk up to women and start natural conversations. Women are expecting to talk to a lot of people on this night as there is going to be a lot of guys everywhere.

It’s always better to stand out and be looked over than be overlooked, and you’ll even be surprised if you’re outfit gets women approaching you. Some good ideas are: >Fancy Blazers: Velvet >Badges, Glow n dark, cool slogans >Cool necklaces, rings and bracelets >Fake Tattoos >LED flashing lights (where you can input your very own picking up girls dubai messages) >Hats, Cowboy hats, top hats A friend of mine even paints his face on NYE and this gets a lot of girls approaching him going wild loving it although you don’t have to go to this extreme if you don’t want to. Tip #2: picking up girls dubai Approach! New Years Eve is one of the most social picking up girls dubai nights all year round. Don’t underestimate the power of approaching on NYE and you’ll find that at least 95% of women will stop.

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