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Posted on Wednesday, March 24, 2010 in how to seduce out of your league

Dating Email Etiquette 2: Be Yourself Don’t try to be someone else. I’ve seen many a picking up girls facebook marriage torn apart after 20 years because he found someone younger. He’d leave his wife, who put him through college, bore his children and put up with his bull while he was working his way to ‘the top’, just so he could feel good about his virility or his waning good looks. He tossed it to the wind so he could marry the young little chickadee who made him ‘feel like a man’.

One friend in particular, who recently went through this agony, called me up one day to tell me that she was going in for plastic surgery and needed a ride to and from the Doc’s office. This is a 41 year old women who could pass for 30 any day of the week, with a brilliant mind and a lovely heart. Yet, because the knucklehead left her for a younger woman, she decided to ‘get younger’ herself and go under the knife.

I did my best to talk her picking up girls facebook out of it. Kept saying, ‘Honey, just wait a little while longer. Wait until you’re not feeling so devastated. Make this decision when you’re emotionally well, not when you’re falling apart. When, at last, I realized she was going through with it, whether I was there or not, I did what I do for all the people I love. I stood by her and stayed until she was able to get out of bed on her own and actually feed herself. It was a long, brutal 6 days and – tiffany taylor guy gets girl pdf – every time I heard her cry out, I wanted to kill the guy. But, of course, it wasn’t really his fault.

And she made the choice based on her own insecurities. Maybe he left her for reasons she didn’t even know about. The men I’ve met who are not afraid of their mortality are the ones who wouldn’t dream of leaving their wives. They’re the ones who see her for who she is, in all her aging glory, and love her even more. The ones who understand that her beauty goes far beyond what can be seen with human eyes. The ones who understand that her beauty goes far beyond what can be seen with human eyes. The ones who went through as many changes as she did but stuck it out because they made a promise.

These are the very men who’d marry a woman over 40 and be grateful to have the chance. But, the question is, where are they? picking up girls facebook They’re with their wives, that’s where. The reason women over 40 MAY have a bigger challenge marrying is NOT because she’s over 40, it’s because most of the men who would love to marry her are already married and wouldn’t think of leaving their beloved wives. The other men, the ones who left their wives for younger women, are likely to be divorced again (because the young chickadee got tired of his ‘old, tired self’) and ran off with a younger man. So now the old man is divorced, his first wife has gotten on with her life, and he’s the loser sitting in a bar looking for some lonely old woman who’ll ‘settle’ for less than she deserves.

Problem is, that woman, the ‘older woman’, is wise to his ways and won’t have any part picking up girls facebook of his nonsense. These scenarios I describe are merely scenarios. There are probably lots of terrific guys out there who’d be honored to have (and appreciate) a woman over 40. And there are likely just as many women over 40 who would find those men delightful.

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