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Posted on Thursday, April 1, 2010 in art of seduction robert greene

For example gold diggers are women who consciously use this process to gain power on a man with lot of money. If you listen to bar discussions between women you will find out that they speak all the time about this subject: how to catch a powerful man and control him. There are things women never tell to their men, not even to their most beloved husbands.

Anyway we assume that – in most of the cases – the Process of Betaising the Alpha Male is unconscious to the woman herself. It is an instinct, a very strong instinct. Why a woman would try to make weaker exactly the man I like so much so I can be real social dynamics scam sure that he will become a Provider to me and will not spread his genes elsewhere’ Now there is a danger for the woman in this process: how could she find sexually attractive a man who agrees to be made guilty about everything. The job of the man in a relationship is: never let her succeed in betaising you ! This does not mean necessarily to be unfaithful to her but it means to be aware of her betaising attempts are unconscious the more she is psychologically healthy ( with some exception: for example depressed women who are afraid of sex and intimacy ) Of course gold diggers, man haters and psychologically disturbed women of any kind are exceptions to this. Many of them are largely aware of this process and use it deliberately for their either political or sick purposes. The only rational solution with them is: never take these women seriously for a relationship with the right person. Most people are not mind-readers. When you find that person Don’t try to real social dynamics scam change them, If you want to be more than her friend you shouldn’t cooperate. Stop listening to her nonsense and just have fun with her, show her a good time, flirt, create an attraction and passion between you. Make her want to meet you again.

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