Review of the “Ultimate Guide to Text and Phone Game” by Love Systems’ Braddock and Mr M

Posted on Tuesday, March 16, 2010 in art of seduction robert greene

The Ultimate Guide to Text and Phone Game is an eBook produced by Love Systems’ dating coaches Braddock and Mr. M.

Love Systems is one of the largest and most well known dating coaching companies in the world. They have a global presence with over 30 dating instructors. The company has made many big media appearances such as on shows like the Tyra Banks show and Dr. Phil.

I review tens of dating advice for men products monthly. It’s my job. Most of them are bad. Unfortunately. There are many scams, frauds and well – just in effective or silly products on the market to help men with their dating lives. So it gives me pleasure when I find and consume the good ones. “The Ultimate Guide to Text and Phone Game” is one such product. But, before I talk about it, let me take a step back here to explain the background issue for men.

Many guys, when they find the good dating advice improve their immediate results pretty dramatically. They start getting phone numbers from women pretty easily. And sometimes they get results with those women. Often, however, the get frustrated after getting a girl’s phone number. A stumbling block for many guys has been getting the girl to meet up again after they have got the phone number. If you’ve ever taken a girl’s number and called her to meet up again – I’m sure you can relate. It isn’t easy, especially if you met in less than usual circumstances such as through a cold approach (i.e. she was a stranger before you walked up and spoke to her).

So that is the issue that The Ultimate Guide to Text and Phone Game attempts to address. And honestly, it has been a big gap in dating advice for a long time. It was something that needed to be spoken about. Guys weren’t getting results because of this. The ebook discusses everything from how to take a woman’s phone number to texting her and phoning her to build up a relationship and set up a meet with her. It is 162 pages long and comprehensive.

Now, there is lots of stuff I really liked about the ebook. The main thing that I could criticize a bit was a relatively high price tag at $97. Even so, for guys who are having difficulty converting their phone numbers into dates. It’s great value. It’s a frustrating problem, and this is a solid product to address it.

What makes it so good?

For one it is comprehensive. It addresses everything from how to ask for a number to how to set up the meet. When I finished the ebook it had covered everything I’d ever done or head of from peers in my 8 years studying dating science, and it had added an extra 50% on top of that. I feel there is simply nothing else to say on the subject.

This ebook also stands out because of how it tackles a pretty complex situation. When you have a girl’s phone number and you text or phone her, you have no way of knowing what mood she is in, how busy she is or how she will initially react. Cutting through that uncertainty to give you a plan of action in every situation is the greatest achievement of this ebook. They have designed a simple system with calibration techniques so that you know what to do in each step.

Braddock and Mr. M say at the beginning of the book that you shouldn’t count on converting every phone number into a meet. Which is true. The unknown variables of what else could be happening in the girl’s life can always go against you (whilst having nothing to do with you). But, bar that, they’ve developed a great approach to minimize those failures.

To see a detailed explanation of the good and also some other details I thought could be better see my full review of the Ultimate Guide Text Phone Game.

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