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Posted on Wednesday, April 14, 2010 in art of seduction robert greene

To demonstrate this, here’s another piece of the ‘puzzle’. Much of what we perceive as ‘differences’ between men and women are ACTUALLY 100% purely driven by social dynamics. That’s psycho-babble = for ‘we all buy into the pressures of the culture we live in’.

For example, men think women don’t like sex. Women like sex as much if not more than men do. The richard bandler your own personal genius ‘difference’ is that women are stigmatized as ‘sluts’ if they demonstrate that, whereas men are pretty much heroes to their peers if they ‘get laid’ a lot. Similarly, (and this is my personal favorite example) most guys freely suppose that ‘women are the choosers’ and ‘men are the chasers’, implying that women have all the power.

She OR he who has the highest quality options when it comes to dating/procreating/etc. Is the one who calls the shots. I happen to know two guys who are richard bandler dvd torrent roommates.

They literally have so many options with women that they hold parties inviting 20 or so women from MySpace to their place all at once-none of whom they’ve met yet. Why? Because there aren’t enough hours in the day to evaluate the dating potential of that many women separately. It has to be a ‘bulk assessment’.

What did that last example do for your vision of the stereotypical ‘hottie’ at a bar rejecting guy richard bandler your own personal genius after guy after guy who tries to approach her? But surely there are indeed REAL differences between men and women, right? Of course. But the point here is to first build the foundation that the similarities between genders FAR outweigh the differences. She doesn’t want to be richard bandler your own personal genius ‘used’ for sex any more than he wants to be ‘used’ for his money.

Yet, we have to respect that women want a ‘provider’ and men want a woman who is physically attractive. And this is all perfectly reasonable-MOTOS aren’t ‘shallow’ for having their preferences in that regard. The differences between genders, you see, tend to base themselves on differences in reproductive roles and/or archetypal gender roles.

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