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Posted on Wednesday, April 21, 2010 in double your dating approaching women

Moreover, when you want to show the girl that you are the best guy even more then all the others, you have very confidence answer. You know that you have what to offer and that you make favor to the woman that you flirt and approach her. Secondly, body language and flirting-Things done subconsciously, women sense dishonesty in those who act nice in order to be liked and instantly suspect that these guys either want something they don’t deserve or don’t like their real selves. It repels – real social dynamics nine ball – hot women and at most attracts abusive or abused women who want to roissy dc lady raine take advantage of the situation. In any case, this type of nice guy roissy dc lady raine manipulation always backfires and overly nice wussbags always lose. Women don’t feel ATTRACTION for nice guys who kiss up to them. Women don’t base roissy dc lady raine their choices of men on how nice a guy is. They choose the men they do because they feel a powerful GUT LEVEL ATTRACTION for them. And guess what? Being nice doesn’t make a woman choose you. I realize that this doesn’t make a lot of logical sense, and it’s hard to accept, but get over it! Until you accept this fact and begin to act on it, you’ll never have the success with women that you want. Finally, if you want to keep her interest then you have to be ready to face these facts to save disappointment later in the relationship. If you are looking down, or away or up at the ceiling while telling a good story, or making a joke, she is going to think you are only HALF interested. Yes, funny is ALWAYS good! Women love to laugh, and if you can help her see the funny side of a situation, she will gravitate to you easily. Even if you aren’t funny, you can laugh at yourself, which is a great quality too – and makes you both funny and humble, which we love as well! 3) Be touchy. Women love affectionate men.

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