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Posted on Tuesday, April 20, 2010 in natural game ebook

However going online you can find so many dating websites that offer a selective way of finding people. Among these selective websites are the one that caters to the Christians. If you are a Christian and you are looking for it.

When a girl likes you she will make you look like a total loser. When offered or initiating a hand shake make sure its straight up and give a brief, firm shake. Don’t break her hands, or shake it like a pump or touch it and guygetsgirl free take as if it was oil. If you want use body language to attract women treat them like a mate.

If your mate says something funny you would laugh and slap them on the back (gently). Why should this be any diifrent to a woman? If you want her to feel comfortable in your presence you have to show that you’re comfortable by displaying you’re not afraid to treat her like a buddy. Here I describe the Process of Betaising the Alpha Male.

This process is largely unconscious and innocent from the woman: she is testing her man to see if he will take her bullshit. If he does take it he is already betaised. From there she knows she will be able to control him. Being tested constantly is very tough and it drains energy. When she does that along the relationship how her Alpha will react if she crosses the border and lacks of respect to him. Can be roissy dc wordpress anything: flirting with someone else in front of his eyes, telling him something disrespectful, giving him orders and so on.

In the deep of her instincts a woman knows that if a roissy dc roissy dc wordpress wordpress man needs a mother too much he is not Alpha. Anyway many women will try all what they can to be maternal to their men at different degrees! Why? Because the more he needs them the more they will control him. Women know instinctively that need = power ! A real Alpha man reacts instinctively against this! He will never agree to get used to a too pleasant treatment, because he is used to survive in the forest or in war by eating – at need – even small, ugly animals! This does not mean not to give her the possibility to be good to him. That would kill spiritually almost every woman. Maternal instinct is very important to women – but – if the situation at home becomes so that the guy is not able to use washing machine, make food, take care of his clothes there, where a year before he was a proud warrior, able to cope with the forest and the war, then the situation is that he has been betaised ! Result: her attraction for him.

So the paradox is: what a woman really wants in the process of betaising: subservient behavior from the man. If the woman succeeds in the process of betaising and the guy is not able to counteract in the proper way the unhappy end will be: he will become subservient to her.

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