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In the end, how to approach a girl with confidence but also be totally unattached from the outcome? The first thing you have to do before approaching is to ignore those little self-sabotaging voices, in your head that make excuses for you to not approach this hot girl. Even if you screw up, you are ahead of 95% of the men (richard bandler nlp london) of the world. You only have about three seconds to make your move before you lose your nerve.

If you think about the approach for more than three seconds you will always talk yourself out the approach. Say anything that comes to your mind. If you get nervous, just introduce yourself and get her name. If you are at a venue you can come back to her and use her name. Communication experts tell us most of communication, up to 93% is non-verbal.

So in roosh v bang download human communication, only 7% of communication is made up of body language, gestures and vocal tone. The most important thing you need to get. Use Your Communicative Ability to The Max First way you can communicate with through the daily channels of their life, like friend’s circles, educational institutes or the work roosh v bang download place. This happens very often today because of the hectic routines that people have roosh v bang download to live up to with no time to roosh v bang download give to their personal needs. This helps you by allowing you to find the people you want to meet during your leisure time, with no stress and strain involved.

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