The Game – Learn to Become a Pickup Artist Like Neil Strauss

Posted on Saturday, March 13, 2010 in player supreme torrent

So you want to learn “The Game” huh. One of the first steps in learning the game is to understand that it is exactly that… A Game. There are rules to the game and you have to learn them if you want to win. You have to realize that beautiful women get hit on all the time. If you want to learn to become a pickup artist like Neil Strauss, Mystery and those guys, you have to master the rules.

Alot of “game” goes on with guys picking up girls at bars and clubs. Women at bars and clubs ar playing a big game. Going out for them is like a big ego boost. They love to have guys falling all over them. When guys drool all over them, girls feel good. It’s all fun and games for them. However, when you become one of these drooling guys, you become a joke to women. Guys that pay all this attention to them and buy them drinks are like pawns in the game. The guys pay all this attention to them.. the girls get happy.. the girls dis the guy, and they go home laughing and feeling good about themselves. We see this all the time with guys picking up girls at bars and clubs.

Women don’t want one of these drones. They want a guy who stands out. A guy who’s strong enough not to fall for this. Stand on your own 2 feet. Don’t play this game! Once you know the rules of the game.. you can’t lose!

Honestly – my advice is good but the best stuff I’ve read on the topic of dating is from Spencer Michaels. His site is — his dating system is the best out there.

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