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Posted on Wednesday, March 24, 2010 in art of seduction robert greene

Find the most perfect setting and don’t be tense. Passion – This comes from within. When you are kissing your lady, turn her on with your tiffany taylor guy gets girl pdf body. A static and tiffany taylor guy gets girl pdf lifeless body is a complete turn off for a woman. Prevent this! The Technique – Tilt your head to prevent noses bumping.

Place your tongue in your lady’s mouth and allow it to develop. Release the pressure on you lips and change the speed of your tongue. These are ingredients to variety and surprise.

Respond – Make sure your kiss is what your lady wants. Some prefer warm and passionate, others like it aggressive. Respond to your partner and she will respond to you. Remember when I shared the Bee and Honey Guide? Men must always begin with an end in mind. What is it you want? It wasn’t just the initial attraction but the end result you seek. Men make the mistake of misreading her and just decide to go in a give that kiss, you’ll be putting yourself across to her too strong. If you don’t kiss her when she gives you that signal, you will tiffany taylor guy gets girl pdf lose your credibility and you will be considered not attractive.

I think at times it is better to start by negating rather than creating a false positive. In other words, it feeds the food and entertainment industry. The Pickup Arts feeds the marketplace by way of expensive gifts, dinners, movies, etc. In other words, beautiful women aren’t attracted to ‘wussies’. The three wrong mindsets above are ‘wussy’ thinking. It’s saying, ‘She has the power’.

I want her to be with me, so I need to ‘ask her out’ in order to get her to spend time with me. If she rejects me, I will lose ‘something’. You are basically suggesting that you lack – guy gets girl tiffany taylor – ‘something’ and she has it and that you need what she has so badly that you’ll do anything for it.

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